Handmade from natural clays, our tiles are characterized by countless hues, unique nuances and particular shading details.  

The small imperfections are the character that makes each piece unique.

CENTINA |16x16x1

ARCO |16x16x1

ABACO |16x16x1


CAPITELLO |16x16x1

OBELISCO |16x16x1

ESEDRA |16x16x1

ABSIDE |16x16x1

AGORA |16x16x1

Glazed edges available by request.
Images not to scale.

Measurements denoted L x H x W in cm.
Tiles are handmade, size, shape and weight variation can be expected.


Geometrie Componibili Tile Collection is suitable for most interior and exterior applications, including residential and commercial walls, counters, showers, bathrooms, swimming pools,  spas and fountains.

Tiles per sqm



Handmade and screen-printed glazed terracotta.


Every design is available in 9 colour combinations that you can use to compose endless layouts. Choose from our catalog or get in touch to develop your own colour combination.

Feeling in a less colorful mood?



- Make the most of your tiles -

A selection of pattern and layouts that you can customize with every tile from our collection.

Tiles ref. CEN.004
Tiles ref. CEN.009, ABS.009
Tiles ref. CAP.002, ESE.002
Tiles ref. CEN.004, ABA.004
Tiles ref. OBE.002, CEN.009, LUN.004, ABS.009
Tiles ref. AGO.004, AGO.005, AGO.006, AGO008
Tiles ref. OBE.005, ABA.005
Tiles ref. ABA.008, ARC.008
Tiles ref. CAP.002, CAP.005, AGO.008, LUN.007
Tiles ref. ABA.003, ABA.006.
Tiles ref. ESE.002
Tiles ref. CAP.002
Tiles ref. LUN.007, ABA.007, CEN.007
Tiles ref. ABA.004
Tiles ref. ARC.008
Tiles ref. OBE.004, OBE.008
Tiles ref. ARC.003
Tiles ref. ABA.006
Tiles ref. ABS.007
Tiles ref. ABA.002, ESE.002
Tiles ref. ABA.003, ABA.005, ABA.006, ABA.007, ABA.009
Tiles ref. ABA.004, ABA.008
Tiles ref. ESE.009, ABS.009
Tiles ref. LUN.006, CAP.006
Tiles ref. ESE.007, ARC.007
Tiles ref. CEN.004, ABA.004
Tiles ref. ABA.009, CEN.001
Tiles ref. CEN.001
Tiles ref. LUN.004, LUN.005, LUN.009
Tiles ref. OBE.002, LUN.002
Tiles ref. CAP.006, ABA.006
Tiles ref. LUN.004, ABS.009, CEN.009
Tiles ref. ABA.005, CAP.002, CAP.005
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Couldn't find what you were looking for?

All the designs of the collection can be recoloured into any of the colours from our palette, or with new colours developed specifically for your project. We also offer a full design service where we will create a unique tile composition for your project.


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