Handmade screen-printed ceramic tiles that celebrate colour and architecture

Inspired by the “Architecture of Colour”, the collection presents 9 designs, each one of them available in 9 colour combinations that you can mix and match to create your favorite layout



The collection offers 9 different designs that you can combine, use individually or mix with plain colours from the colour palette.

Every tile is handmade in Portugal with the traditional technique and manually printed in serigraphy.



We offer a comprehensive mural design service from conception to installation.

Whether it is customizing one of our existing designs, or working with us on a completely bespoke creation, 

our experts will guide you through this exciting process.


Geometrie Componibili Colour Palette offers 18 colours 

that you can use to personalized every design from the collection.


Since the first time I arrived in Portugal, I was fascinated by the beautiful facades of the buildings, covered with colorful azulejos: every design is special and unique, and they all combine together in perfect harmony. Walking around and living in the city,

I started feeling that I wanted to do something special with this amazing tradition.  

I wanted to give my contribution and transform the Portuguese tiles into something new and different. I found my inspiration from the timeless work of the "architects of colors", Corbusier, Bofill, Barragan, and from their vision, their angles, their representations.

During the research about colors in architecture, I came across the stunning work of photographers such as Matthieu Venot, Jeanette Hägglund, Serge Najjar. I studied the composition of their images, the angle, the colors, the shapes, and I came to realize that it was the perfect inspiration to create the design idea that I had in mind. I finally discovered the best place where the project could be realized, the factory that married tradition and innovation, the artisans that can bring the beauty of hand-made into a contemporary design product: New Terracotta.

This is how "Geometrie Componibili" became real. 



New Terracotta is a profoundly Portuguese handmade ceramic project. It is a modern line of Azulejos and glazed clay pieces produced manually by Portuguese craftsmen. The premise is simple: to merge the ancient technique with contemporary aesthetics, offering a new dimension of the tile.


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If you like our product and you'd love to see how it looks like, do not hesitate to contact us to request a design or colour sample. Please don't forget to specify the colour code or design code that you are interested in. If you'd like to develop your own colour combination in one of our design,


design by Elisa Passino

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